What is Kaizen?

The Japanese definition of Kaizen is simply continuous improvement.  The goal of Kaizen is to identify and eliminate activities in processes that add waste but do not add value. It is a problem solving approach and will assist you to understand the importance of sustaining solutions by performing ongoing improvements.  This enables you to identify and resolve the problems that normally fall into ’Just do it’. You will gain experience collecting baseline data, identifying root cause, formulating and implementing the team’s solution.

Training Leadership Consulting’s (TLC’s) Lean FOCUS (Focus, Operate, Create, Utilise, Sustain) program teaches managers how to prepare for and run Kaizen efforts in order to improve their work area continuously. Lean FOCUS training empowers managers with the skills needed to engage superiors in understanding their organizational purpose.  This is achieved by building a respectful relationship and simplifying complex transactional and operational processes.

What is Lean?

Lean is a business management philosophy and a powerful set of tools designed to eliminate waste and enable value creation through smooth, uninhibited flow. Applying Lean Principles will ensure a clear focus on your customer’s needs and requirements and enable a problem solving mentality at all levels of the company.

TLC is recognised by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training and has assisted companies in Africa to adopt a continuous improvement mind-set. Contact us today to empower your organisation and learn about the true value in process improvements.