Training Leadership Consulting (TLC) in partnership with Delight Consulting invites you to join our Customer Experience Management (CEM) Internship programme starting on the 20th July 2017 in Durban.  Facilitated by our CEM expert, Michelle Hill from Delight Consulting, this Internship includes 4 separate days of practical classroom training, an action learning project, coaching and international accreditation.

What is an Internship?

An internship is a programme that is run by an accredited institution. It is aimed at existing employees and includes an internship contract, theoretical training, workplace application, coaching and an assessment to achieve the certification.

What are the benefits for your company? 

The learner salaries count towards the skills development training spend. You will achieve points for training employed and unemployed people on the category B skills matrix. Our Internships enable you to maximise your B-BBEE scorecard, develop people and solve problems at the same time.  Learners will receive a level 4 international qualification.

We believe there are many QSE’s or smaller Generic businesses who need to undertake Category B, C, or D learning programmes, but don’t have sufficient numbers to make a company-specific programme cost-effective. They need to find suitable open internship programmes that can develop their people, while at the same time enabling them to focus on keeping customers satisfied, and also making progress on their B-BBEE strategies.

Why Customer experience?

An unhappy customer is able to share their negative experience with hundreds and thousands of people. One cannot afford to be complacent. This exciting programme will help you grow your customer base, increase your loyalty and exceed customer expectations by helping you recognise the role of emotions, behaviours and understand different customer personalities. You will learn how to identify if a customer complaint is linked to a process, system or people issue.

Michelle has won numerous international awards. Her execution of this customer-centric journey has spanned Southern Africa, navigating cultural differences. She has presented on customer experience locally and internationally as well as guest lectured at universities. Her passion is to challenge leaders and embrace customer experience. She believes in the key question: “How would you feel if you had the same experience?”

Space is limited. To book email