The Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business (PCB) in Partnership with Training Leadership Consulting (TLC), powered by Vodacom and supported by The Witness, announce the 2015 KZN Lean Conference to be held at the Hilton College Theatre on the 30th September and the 1st October 2015.

Lean Manufacturing/Lean Thinking is a Toyota Pioneered method to adopt world-class best practices in delivering value to customers, employees and the economy. The Lean work method focuses on getting the right things to the right place at the right time in the right quantity to achieve perfect work flow, while minimising waste and being flexible and able to change to meet customer’s needs.

Inspired by the worldwide adoption of the Lean thinking philosophy and strategy for customer focus and operational efficiency, the appetite for Lean has grown in the South African Business community. By bringing in world-class, international speakers, The KZN Lean Conference is designed to inspire CEO’s and Business Leaders to adopt Lean as an operational excellence strategy, to lower costs, improve quality, shorten lead times and improve customer experience, while developing and empowering employees.

Lean thinking has successfully been applied locally and has helped industries to regain the support of local retailers and to successfully compete with the East.

“It is imperative that we look at ways of re-industrialising our economy if we hope to stimulate growth and create jobs for the level of available skill, and so I am passionate about forging a new path for industry. Having said that, Lean principles can be applied to any business, because all businesses are process driven.” Says Melanie Veness, CEO of Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business.

Art Byrne PictureKeynote speaker, Art Byrne (from Boston Massachusetts), best-selling author of, The Lean Turnaround, will share his Lean Journey during his remarkable career where he has implemented Lean Principles in more than 30 companies in 14 countries during the past 30 years.

Kristen5920-4x6Partner & Principle at EY and Americas Leader for “Purpose-Led Transformation”, Kris Pederson, will share her experience around creating a purpose driven organization and the positive impact this strategy creates for customers, society and the economy as well as improving employee engagement and leadership alignment.

“Most successful organisations today have purpose at the heart of their being. I consider purpose the inherent reason that an organization exists. Build a culture instead of HR processes. We know purpose-led companies develop higher financial return. 89% of customers consider purpose-led companies to be able to deliver the highest quality products”  Kris Pederson, EY

“We are in a country that is desperate for transformation and it’s our responsibility to make a difference. The fundamental goal of a business is to make profits but let’s not do it at the cost of your customers, society and your employees.  People strategy and your company purpose are the foundation for seeing the rewards from the operational best practice of Lean. You will see an improvement in your employee engagement, increased trust in the business and increased levels of innovation.” Rick McCarthy, Training Leadership Consulting MD

A special CEO dinner will be hosted in JHB and KZN by invitation only. For more information contact Sarah Giles 0861 852 463  or visit or