Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified through TLC
Vongani Sibambo Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Wow! What an excellent performance! So it seems from a distance, until one scrutinizes this performance from a viewpoint of a set standard, which is primarily that of the customer… it might after all not be what it seems. If I do not drink water for 2 days, then drink 24 glasses of water on the third day, will I be ok?, Mathematically, yes, one can translate that into 8 glasses per day, but in reality, our deduction is incorrect. Medically speaking, to not drink water for two consecutive days is life threatening, and so too is drinking 24 glasses of water per day.

Through the Six Sigma (DMAIC) methodology, one learns to consider data distribution and variation. In customer terms, “How often are we on target for satisfying their requirements?” Through this training, I have learnt to focus on the customer and their expectations and translate these into process requirements. When one is unable to satisfy the customer demands, then the DMAIC approach is used to define the problem, identify the root causes and processes which are non-value add, and to identify and implement the improvement.

Training Leadership Consulting’s  Approach to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training  

I have found the approach used by Training Leadership Consulting (TLC) to be vigorous and extremely beneficial. The classroom training is highly practical, engaging and insightful. After the training I was immediately able to identify key areas of concern in my organization where Lean Six Sigma can be applied. The structure of the examination with an 80% pass mark, forced me to understand each component of the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) methodology thoroughly.

Another key deliverable was a storyboard using a simulated project. This part of the certification was where I was able to apply the methodology and learning which was reviewed by a TLC Master Black Belt.

Attaining a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification through TLC was one of my greatest achievements. After engaging with other Black Belts from different parts of the world, I can comfortably say my Certification is world class.

Congratulations Vongani from the TLC family!


Vongani currently work for Transnet, a wholly government owned organization as an Operational Readiness Manager. He is part of the  Freight Rail division of Transnet which focuses on haulage of commodities such as coal, Agriculture and Bulk Liquids, Iron Ore, Manganese, Container, Automotive, Steel, Cement, Chrome, etc. through rail. The effectiveness of Freight Rail is vital to the South African economy through ensuring that our local industries, especially mining companies attain a competitive edge through dependable commodity trading amongst other global competitors, thus on-time delivery of our customer commodity is imperative.


As part of Market Demand Strategy whereby Transnet is investing an estimated R307 billion for infrastructure and rolling stock investment, Vongani is currently involved in various expansion programmes.