Lean Six Sigma Deployment

Training Leadership Consulting (TLC) has a proven approach to developing business improvement capabilities within your organisation. When engaging with our clients, TLC offers a complete package which includes:

 Programme Strategy:

Through the years we have seen successful and failed attempts to deploy Business Improvement Programmes.  Our Directors and Senior Managers each have more than 18 years of business improvement experience. With our years of service, we know that we can bring you the right balance of theory and practical approach to assist you in setting up your business improvement programme.

 Business Improvement Training:

We offer a complete set of Lean, Six Sigma, Change Management and Lean Manager Development training programmes. This includes Instructor-Led training, printed course materials a supplementary simulated project, toolkit, eBooks per phase, on-line training and practitioner exam and international certification to supplement the classroom-based learning.

Performance Coaching and Implementation Support:

Supporting your newly trained Project Managers is essential in ensuring their initial success. TLC’s coaching and support programme will provide the post-learning support that your new project managers will need while they gain confidence using their new set of tools and practicing new behaviours.

TLC has worked with some of South Africa’s most recognised names to build their internal capabilities to operate more efficiently and reduce the cost of doing business. We believe in partnering with our clients to address the system factors that will enable their long-term success.  We provide continued support to ensure our client’s employees grow in knowledge and skills.  And we link our custom developed programme to your organisation’s goal to ensure that you achieve the result you desire.

Change Management Services

The cornerstone of any organisational transformation programme is a carefully constructed and robust Change Management strategy. The TLC Change Strategy includes a comprehensive stakeholder analysis in order to develop a communication plan aimed at responding to a Client’s adaptive challenges and potential resistance to change. The purpose is to ensure that all stakeholders fully comprehend the necessity for change and how it ultimately affects or benefits them, their work and the organization.

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