Lean Six SigmBecome a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Practitionera Green Belt project leaders play an important role in a maturing Lean Six Sigma deployment. Learn how to apply skills in project management, process management, Lean, change management and statistical analysis to your work area while continuing to perform in your primary role.

Training Leadership Consulting’s (TLC’s) Lean Six Sigma Green Belt programme enables learners to approach problems in their own work area in an effective and systematic way. Learn to solve complex problems by applying the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) method while supported by experienced Black Belts. In this internationally accredited Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course, you will learn to isolate the root-cause of problems through process and data analysis and lead change by learning to sense the human aspect of corporate challenges.

The course key outcomes include:

 Explain Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology

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