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The KZN Lean Conference 2018 was personally the most enjoyable Lean Conference to date. Setting the context with current economics, global issues and growth in the diversity space. These are critical in influencing businesses decisions on what areas to focus on improving. I was particularly fascinated by the continued relevance of Lean thinking today. I was humbled by numerous local success stories and examples of how leaders are innovating in the Lean space. I was blown away topic after topic at the quality of presentations but more importantly the new learning. I left each day feeling filled, hopeful and challenged. – Grant Davis – Business Improvement Manager


The presentation that stood out for me was “Digital Technology To Lean Your Business” – Eleni Kwinana – Executive Head, EBU, Vodacom. Digital Technologies are changing the industry dramatically. From advanced analytics to Internet of things (IoT) to cloud-based applications, businesses now have the opportunity to make their plant floor processes and operations more competitive than ever before.

For example, the integration of IoT into plant floor processes. First-generation applications of this technology, such as smart sensors and intelligentTLC Global - KZN Lean Conference 2018 - 2 devices within products, are becoming more widespread. This technology can have impact on maintenance optimization and downtime reduction, because it enables machine learning that makes machines “smarter” based on their own environment. Gathering millions of data points from factory processes will amount to nothing if businesses cannot make sense of the data. To do that, they need to rely on a dedicated team of data analyst that can uncover insights using advanced algorithms. By assigning resources not just to collect data but also to interpret it, businesses can make information more relevant and actionable.

For businesses today, the challenge is determining how to use digital technology’s power. By embracing lean, with digital in mind, these businesses can increase productivity by simplifying complex processes through the front, middle and back office. They can execute faster and adapt over time. The result is a faster digital transformation with scalable and cost-effective business process platforms tied to enterprise-wide results. – Prineshan Amichand – IT Manager

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This annual conference is a highlight on our calendar for me every year. The TLC team love supporting PCB with this event and being the local Lean partner to assist with the careful selection of the speakers. Our design guru Roxy always works her magic with the graphic design of the programme and other elements needed for the conference. Working with the CEO of the chamber, Melanie Veness is a privilege and seeing her passion for enabling economic and enterprise development for local businesses is inspiring to be part of. As Melanie says ‘ We hope to inspire the creation of thinking organizations that are agile, productive and competitive’. Conference highlights for me this year: The South African case studies made me feel proud to be part of our dynamic country and shared great insights about empowering people while improving productivity through the application of Lean thinking and Lean tools. I also really enjoyed Political economy analyst, Daniel Silke’s enlightening presentation at the executive dinner where he shared global facts that were fascinating. I was amazed at the stats shared about China’s growth and I enjoyed that the focus was not only on South Africa but we were given insight into global issues.  Already looking forward to the line-up next year! –Sarah Giles – Business Development Manager