Lean Forum
Lean Forum

When setting up your Lean operational excellence strategy, you should begin with the end in mind.

For most business leaders that is Sustainability of their investment/programme.

In this PCB Lean Forum workshop we will start with Sustain in a 5-part series outlining the Lean FOCUS (Focus, Observe, Create, Utilise & Sustain) methodology.

You will learn about the System Factors that apply in order to sustain any change initiative and you will understand the Leadership traits you need to sustain a business improvement culture. In addition, we will work to address many of the open questions submitted to us following the last PCB Lean Forum

Facilitated by:

Rick McCarthy, Managing Director

Training Leadership Consulting

DATE:   8 July 2014

TIME:  16:00

VENUE:  Chamber House, Royal Showgrounds, Pietermaritzburg

RSVP to info@pcb.org.za